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Why Is FOX SOUL profiting from George Floyd's Murder Video???

Earlier, I posted the video of Floyd's murder to my YouTube channel. Of course I didn't place any ads on the 10 minutes of murder because that would be utterly disgusting.

 I naively assumed that ALL pro black media outlets would have the same sentiment... I was wrong.!
Today I received and email stating that FOX SOUL has copyrighted the video of Floyd's murder and is attempting to put ads on all of the instances of the video that are on you tube. (That's a lot!)

 Where's the integrity? Wheres the sense of morals? FOX SOUL saw a video spreading on the internet and wanted to be first to copyright it so they can profit from ads.
 Some videos simply should not be monetized, especially if you were not the one who originally uploaded the video, which was a woman named Darnella who was at the scene of the murder.

They aren't giving the proceeds to Floyd's family or anything like that which makes FOX SOUL a parasite to smaller black media outlets like mine, who …

"Shot Out Electron" Podcast Episode 2


Christianity and How It Evolved

Kweli breaks down Christianity from conception to present day.

How did Christianity become the religion we know it as today? Find out with Kweli Kush, on the all new show N.E.W. Thugs *FREE Audio Books* From Audible! No need to read! Just listen to awesome books!!! *Sources* “Seeing through Christianity: A Critique of Beliefs and Evidence” by Bill Zuersher “The Golden Stool” by Edwin Smith *Support Us By Becoming a Patron for $1* *or Donate via CashApp $kwelikush*

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Help Legalize My State!!!

We are petitioning Governor Kemp to legalize marijuana in Georgia.

Sign this online petition to legalize 420 in the state of Georgia!!! Sign HERE!

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New Podcast Hosted by Kweli Kush, "Shot Out Electron"

Shot Out Electron  with Kweli Kush

The very first episode of The Shot Out Electron!!! Topics discussed include Covid-19, the first ever "Shot Out Shout Out," and popular black owned businesses! Hosted by Kweli Kush from

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Bad Advice From Jesus

Kweli Kush explains why christianity does more harm than good. Corey Holcomb ridicules the church on his 5150 show. FFRF expose pastors and preachers who are exploiting the corona virus situation. A christian youtuber gives really bad advice about covid-19.  #WakeUp

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Who Gives More??? Rich Christians vs Rich Atheist


Where was God when 3 Pastors Rape Girl for Years???

3 Pastors Get Life Sentence for Raping Girl Inside Church... Their Families Covered It Up...

   Pastor Kenneth Butler plead guilty to multiple counts of child sex trafficking last month. He was sentenced to nearly 18 years in prison for his role in sexually assaulting multiple underage girls, including one who was a foster child and a previous victim of sexual abuse.

   Pastor's Butler, Anthony Haynes and Cordell Jenkins of Toledo, Ohio were charged in the case. The three pastors reportedly swapped young girls between each other, raping them, then discussing how much fun they had.

   The two other pastors involved in the trafficking ring plead not guilty, requesting a jury trial. Both of the other men were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

   Anthony Haynes, the former leader of Greater Life Christian Center, was one of those pastors. And during his recent sentencing hearing, he urged the judge to "have mercy on him because he’s really a decent guy. And isn’t the…

Tupac Was Woke AF!!!

Bertrand Russell, Isaac Butterfield, Tupac, Jay Z, Tyler the Creator, Jerrod Carmichael, and Ja Rule talk religion, god, christianity and the bible.
Tupac was definitely before his time. See what Pac has to say in this interview about religion, god, jail, and the black community!
  Jay Z talks religion and his belief in god!
  Tyler the Creator expresses skepticism when it comes to the bible!
  Isaac Butterfield brings a bit of diversity to the the channel!
  Bertrand Russel talks religion, afterlife and beliefs in a classic interview!
  Kweli Kush shares a deep analogy that explains why black people are so religious.
Jerrod Carmichael expresses doubts about christianity's integrity.
Ja Rule discusses his religious journey!

Recommended Books/Movies
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Why Don't You Believe in God??? Kweli Kush Live Stream

Kweli Kush and another atheist discuss atheism in the black community!

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In the Lion's Den


How Religion Enslaves YOU

Black Man who told you that Jesus was God? Certainly not your ancestors. After much study it is clear to me that the Bible was given to the American black man during slavery for the purpose of pacifying the slaves. More black people are falling victim to the con that is Christianity.

  They told you not to value this life, not to value your body. This way they can treat you any way they wish and you will not feel violated and rebel.

  They told you to turn the other cheek, and love thy enemy. This way they, as your enemy, can harm you and you will not retaliate.

They told you to pray. To let go and let God. This way you won't make any serious attempt to achieve your goal or overcome your enemy. You will pray instead.

They told you that the only way to Heaven is to believe. This way you will be more likely to fall for their con and afraid of not believing for fear of hell.

Black Man I say to you Hell does not exist. Jesus is not coming back. We have been had. The Christian relig…

Debunking Flat Earth! Actual Photos of Earth From Space! Neil deGrasse Tyson and Carl Sagan Explain Round Earth

This is the actual footage from Galileo space probe, Starman the Tesla Roadster, and the ISS (International Space Station). Time lapse footage shows the rotating, spherical Earth.

Books in this video:
"Astrophysics For People In a Hurry" Neil deGrasse Tyson FREE AUDIO BOOK

Music in this video:
"Purpose" Josh Owens
"We On" Josh Owens ft. J
"Lifting The Bar" Roy Al and Josh Owens
"Locs On" Josh Owens and Roy Al
"Rainy Days" Roy  Al
"Blessings" Roy Al ft Josh Owens
"Hi, Hello" Roy Al…

Evolution for Dummies!!!

The individuals that are best fit to survive are more likely to reproduce and certain traits are selected for by the females such as "smart", "tall", "dark", and "handsome."

Over time this means more and more humans are born with those traits and were better at surviving than their ancestors were.

Over such large amount of time this creates millions of variants.

Lets call an ancient primate baby "Baby 1" and a primate baby born millions of years later, lets call "Baby 2."

There comes a time when enough generations have been born to allow for the slight change in genes/traits to amount to a difference vast enough so that "Baby 1" could not have reproduced with "Baby 2." This is the creation a new species!

This is how all of the species of plants/animals came from a common ancestor.

One of those species has to be the most advanced and it just so happens to be us in the brain department.

However there are ot…

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