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Leah Remini Discusses Leaving Scientology Cult

Leah Remini, actress from "King Of Queens," tells us about her life as a scientologist and why she no longer identifies with the cult.

Did Elon Musk Smoke Weed With Joe Rogan During Interview?

Musk explains his mode of thinking and his motivations while smoking and drinking with Joe Rogan. Tesla market shares reported to have shown a drop after the interview streamed and received over 10 million views in less than a week.
 It's a shame that people judge him for it when it is legal and as a true smoker, I can positively tell you that HE DIDN'T EVEN INHALE...

Pusha T vs Drake - The Battle Is Underway

Pusha T s new album DAYTONA has been sparking much conversation over the past few weeks. You can check our full review of the album and see what Pusha T has to say about the project right here, on

J. Cole Interviews Lil Pump


Who REALLY Started Mike Epps' Career? Bruce Bruce or TK Kirkland?

In this video, Bruce says he convinced Mike Epps to audition for Next Friday.

TK goes on to say he discovered Mike Epps and watched him for over a year. After listening, it seems that both men were influential in Epps' career.

Lethal Lipps Talks Becoming a Rapper, Sleeping With Famous People and Much More

Porn star Lethal Lipps talks on This is 50 about her new rap career. She goes on to talk about orgy parties she threw and times she slept with famous people.

J. Cole Talks About His New Album, Kanye West and Much More


Ron Newt Was Offered 200k To Say Michael Jackson Molested His Kids

Ron Newt on Vlad TV addresses a number of things like being offered 200k to lie and say Michael Jackson molested his kids. He also says that Michael used to beat up Bubbles, his pet monkey!

Drake Compliments 2 Chainz on Pretty Girls Like Trap Music

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Logic Interview

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