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Book of the Day "PowerNomics"

PowerNomics : The National Plan to Empower Black AmericaPowerNomics: The National Plan to Empower Black America is a  plan to make Black America a prosperous and empowered race that is self-sufficient and competitive as a group.
   In this book, Dr. Anderson obliterates the myths and illusions of black progress and brings together data and information from many different sources to construct a framework for solutions to the dilemma of Black America. In PowerNomics: The National Plan, Dr. Anderson proposes new principles, strategies and concepts that show blacks a new way to see, think, and behave in race matters.
   The new mind set prepares blacks to take strategic steps to create a new reality for their race. It offers guidance to others who support blacks self-sufficiency. In this book, Dr. Anderson offers insightful analysis and action steps blacks can take to redesign core areas of life - Education, Economics, Politics and Religion - to better benefit their race.
   The action st…

Book of the Day "The Black Atheist in America"

   The Black Atheist in America    African Americans, Blacks, have long been associated with religious faith.Since the dawn of our time in America from 1619 to the present day. Do we see this.
   The Black Church has long been, and is still, seen as a bastion of hope in the Black Community.And for good reason: many of our Civil Rights champions came from the church.This fact, while brilliant and admirable,does not dismiss the evils associated with the church.
   Some of these evils include Jonestown, Waco, and 911. The appalling actions done "in the name of god" are highly capable of ruining lives on an epidemic scale.
   Not only can lives be lost but,lifestyles can be ruined as well. Entire fortunes have been squandered as well as childhood innocence all in the name of god.
   What is being done about this? Much of the ill-begotten deeds of religions squalid past are conveniently swept under the rug.From the pope to the small time country preacher, are the dirty deals kept…

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