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Church Claims it Saves Ex-Gang Members but Actually Steals From Them

A large black church organization SPAC Nation that claims to work toward reforming former gang members and ex convicts is actually robbing its members, putting many of them in debt by taking out loans for pastors with lavish lifestyles.

 SPAC Nation, sometimes referred to as a cult, gets lots of positive media coverage because most of its members are former criminals  sincerely trying to work toward a better life through "God". But an in-depth investigation from Huffington Post concluded that the church “created conditions for fraudsters to flourish within its ranks” and failed to act as pastors financially exploited members.

 Ex SPAC members have spoken out against shocking cases at the church. The pastors are targeting young black people from impoverished areas and “broken homes” and isolating them from their families, then exploiting them for money!

 A HuffPost investigation has found evidence that some pastors at the church have pressured the young black people they are …

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