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Book of the Day "Science in the Soul: Selected Writings of a Passionate Rationalist"

This audio book is an amazing piece to listen to. From one of today's best authors and probably among the brightest men alive, Science in the Soul is a great book to listen to in order to learn while being entertained every step of the way! 

   The legendary biologist, provocateur, and best-selling author mounts a timely and passionate defense of science and clear thinking with this career-spanning collection of essays, including 20 pieces published in the United States for the first time.

   For decades Richard Dawkins has been the world's most brilliant scientific communicator, consistently illuminating the wonders of nature and attacking faulty logic. Science in the Soul brings together 42 essays, polemics, and paeans - culled from personal papers, newspapers, lectures, and online salons - all written with Dawkins' characteristic erudition, remorseless wit, and unjaded awe of the natural world.

   Though it spans three decades, this book, dedicated to Christopher Hi…

Christian Venue Refuses to Marry Mixed Race Couple

According to Boone’s Camp Event Hall in Booneville, Mississippi, Christians aren't allowed to have mixed race marriages.

 A woman who works for the venue told LaKambria Welch, on hidden video, that the owners don’t host same-sex weddings… or mixed-race ones... Because they are Christians.

In the video, the woman says:

“First of all, we don’t do gay weddings or mixed race, because of our Christian race—I mean, our Christian belief,” the woman tells Welch in the video.

“Okay, we’re Christians as well,” Welch replies.

After a correspondence on facebook, Welch became suspicious of the church's reasoning.

“The owner took a look at my brother’s fiancĂ©e’s page and wrote her back to say they won’t be able to get married there because of her beliefs,” Welch said. “He told my mom and she contacted the owner through messenger to only get a ‘seen’ with no reply. That’s when I took it upon myself to go get clarification on her beliefs.”

  While refusing to do business with customers on acc…

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