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5 New Books By Black Authors For Black Readers

5 New Books by Black Authors
   It’s time to charge our melanin with a great book.

1) American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson

Author Lauren Wilkinson, a New York native, debuted with her page-turning novel American Spy, which was named “one of the best books in 2019 so far” by Time.

The espionage thriller, which has been inspired by real life events, takes us back to 1986 with a black female FBI intelligence officer. This thriller is full of drama and romance—a no-brainer for a summer read.

2) Black Enough: Stories of Being Young and Black in America (by multiple authors)

This 2019 YA fiction book features an intriguing compilation of short stories from some of today’s top black authors in the Young Adult genre, providing a glimpse of what it means to be young and black in America.

Authors: Justina Ireland, Varian Johnson, Rita Williams-Garcia, Dhonielle Clayton, Kekla Magoon. Leah Henderson, Tochi Onyebuchi, Jason Reynolds. Nic Stone, Liara Tamani, RenĂ©e Watson,Tracey Baptiste, Coe Booth, …

Book of the Day "Adieu to God: Why Psychology Leads to Atheism"

Adieu to God examines atheism from a psychological perspective and reveals how religious phenomena and beliefs are psychological rather than supernatural in origin.

Answers the psychological question of why, in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary, do religions continue to prosper?

Looks at atheism and religion using a fair and balanced approach based on the latest work in psychology, sociology, anthropology, psychiatry and medicine.

Acknowledges the many psychological benefits of religion while still questioning the validity of its supernatural belief systems and providing atheist alternatives to a fulfilling life.

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Teacher at Christian School Arrested for Molesting Boy

“She would write me up and other girls and, like, how ironic that you’re telling us how to dress, us how to be modest, and be Christian women, and you turn around doing the exact opposite,” said 2014 graduate Yhaneera Aparicio-Aramas.

   A 49 year old kindergarten teacher at Jordan Baptist School in Burbank, Illinois was arrested after she sexually assaulted a student, allegedly sent him and another student nude photos and videos, asked the first student to send photos back in return.
Oh yeah, and her husband is the pastor who runs the school and two of her daughters are teachers at the school as well...

   The students in question were 15 and 16 when the abuse occurred.

   Shannon Griffin, has been charged with five counts of criminal sexual assault, one count of solicitation of child pornography, one count of distribution of harmful materials and one count of grooming.

   Griffin is reported to be one of those teacher who encouraged girls to dress more modestly.

  It seems as though …

Update: Woman indicted for manslaughter after her five-month fetus was shot and died during a fight will not see a day in jail.

Charges have been dropped against Marshae Jones, the Alabama woman indicted for manslaughter after she was shot & lost her fetus last December.

The state allows fetuses to be classified as victims in homicides or assaults.

Mark Strassmann reports — CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) July 3, 2019

   The young woman indicted for manslaughter after her five-month fetus was shot and killed during a fight will not see a day in jail.

   On Wednesday (July 3) Bessemer Cutoff District Attorney Lynneice Washington dropped charges against Marshae Jones, 27, who was indicted on manslaughter last month.

   Authorities claim that on Dec. 4, Jones initiated a fight with 23-year-old Ebony Jemison over the father of Jones’ unborn baby. As a means of self-defense, Jemison shot the pregnant woman causing the death of the unborn fetus. But instead of charging Jemison, the grand jury blamed Jones.

  DA Washington called the case “disturbing and heart…

Pregnant Woman Gets Shot and Charged with Manslaughter for Her Unborn Child

Should this woman get charged with manslaughter for allegedly starting a fight that lead to the death of her unborn child???

   Marshae Jones, 28, is facing a manslaughter charge after her unborn baby died. Her crime? Allegedly provoking a fight with a person who ultimately shot her in the stomach, killing her baby.

   Police initially charged Ebony Jemison, 23, with manslaughter but the charge was dismissed when a grand jury didn't indict her.

   Jones was five months pregnant when she got into a fight with another woman outside a Dollar General store in Pleasant Grove, just west of Birmingham, the station said.

   Authorities say the dispute was about the child's father.

   “It was the mother of the child who initiated and continued the fight which resulted in the death of her own unborn baby,” Pleasant Grove police Lt. Danny Reid told shortly after the shooting.

   He said "the fight caused the other woman, Ebony Jemison, to react and defend herself." He…

Book of the Day "The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture"

What makes religion so powerful? How does it weave its way into our political system? Why do people believe and follow obvious religious charlatans? What makes people profess deep faith even as they act in ways that betray that faith? What makes people blind to the irrationalities of their religion yet they clearly see those of others?
   If these questions interest you, this book will give you the tools to understand religion and its power in you, your family and your culture.

   For thousands of years, religion has woven its way through societies and people as if it were part and parcel to that society or person. In large measure it was left unexplained and unchallenged, it simply existed. Those who attempted to challenge and expose religion were often persecuted, excommunicated, shunned, or even executed. It could be fatal to explain that which the church, priest, or imam said was unexplainable. Before the germ, viral, and parasite theory of disease, physicians had no tools to u…

How Pastors Profit From Human Trafficking

Evangelical pastors secretly play a huge role in human trafficking. And they also make a hefty profit from it, according to a report from the Guardian.

   Don't mistake these reports as "pastors assist asylum seekers"... No, these pastors are flat-out sneaking people past the U.S. border from places like Guatemala, offering little more than prayers for a safe journey, and making a tidy profit for every body they get through!

    Its another religious con game; the pastors’ presence is what helps justify the trip and taking the risks for some people.

   It turns out that Guatemala is one of the largest sources of migrants to the US, and churches and clergymen also play a role in the business of people-smuggling in that country as well.

   As trusted individuals in a deeply religious society, these pastors and priests offer comfort and a prayer for the safety of those undertaking the dangerous trip... Then they take a cut of the profits.

“The church is an invisible actor…

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