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Man Cons People Out Of $1,000,000 In Superbowl Scam

A large number of people in Georgia have accused a prominent Gwinnett County businessman of taking off with nearly $1,000,000 in a month long Super Bowl ticket scam.
Records obtained Channel 2 Action News early Thursday morning show the man’s own mother has accused him of theft tied to the scam, and his wife told reporters she hasn’t seen him since reporting him missing early this month.

Carr received the tip about Ketan Shah from an alleged victim who lives in Sandy Springs. The man told Carr that Shah, who owns a digital printing shop and sits on numerous community boards, took off with $20,000 and never delivered premium Super Bowl tickets.
In November, text messages show Tartt began communicating with Shah, with whom he connected through a mutual friend. He and two others told police they started making $5,000 payments to Shah as regular deposits on $20,000 worth of tickets.
But when it came time to meet late this month, Tartt said he couldn’t reach Shah. He went to Sandy Springs…

Phoenician Herbal Grinder - Large 4 Piece w/Papers Holder - Yellow with 2 Rolling Paper Depot Kewl Tubes

Lid Has Built-In 1 1/4" Size Papers Holder and Ashtray No Threads, Patent Pending Fast Lock System 6061 Aerospace Aluminum with Replaceable Screens Exterior Lobe Gripping designed for multiple grip options and styles Includes 2 Rolling Paper Depot Kewl Tubes Phoenician Engineering Grinders are innovative in every aspect; they are re-engineered from a patient perspective not a product feature approach. From first glance our grinders are clearly designed with the user in mind, specifically medicinal patients who may have weakened conditions and need a user friendly methodology to prepare medication. While most grinders incorporate a knurl-style grip, the design ultimately provides limited grip. Consequently we've taken every section of our grinder and replicated our new lobe-grip design to provide both superior grip during use but also increased comfort on the hands and structural support. This grip design gives our grinders a unique aesthetic look that incorporates clean radi…

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Phoenician Herbal Grinder - Large 4 Piece w/Papers Holder - Yellow with 2 Rolling Paper Depot Kewl Tubes

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