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Strain Of The Day - Disease Haze

Sativa Genetics: Amnesia Haze
Flowering: 12 weeks
THC: 23% Named after something you might get after a bad bout of typhoid in the Amazonian jungle, Disease Haze from Ultimate Seeds is in fact a result of two amazing Amnesia Haze cuts, and though it will give you a heavy dose of confusion and possibly hallucinations, this is due to it being a kickass sativa strain and isn’t anything to do with the dehydration you suffer after pooping yourself all day long. Parent plant Amnesia Haze is known for being a brilliant expression of the sativa form, and Disease Haze shares this gorgeous sativa structure with its momma. Some training or cropping will be necessary if you plan to grow indoors, but it won’t get as large as some pure sativas can. It can grow leggy if the lights are kept too far from the seedlings in the vegetative stage, so be sure to treat the babies with extra care and you’ll be rewarded later on. With lots of light and feeding, this strain can be a heavy yielder, and at the end …

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