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Strain Of The Day - The Third Dimesion

Sativa 70 / Indica 30
Origins: Apollo 13 x Jack the Ripper
Flowering: 52-70 days
Harvest: mid September In this sativa-dominant variety, breeder Subcool brings together three elite strains from the TGA library. The super potent Apollo 13 mother, a Subcool personal favorite, is combined with a pick of the litter male Jack the Ripper, itself a combination of the primo Jacks Cleaner and Space Queen strains. Considering the strength of these three strains, TGA feels that this hybrid is a new dimension in three-way crosses. The Third Dimension is a fast finisher indoors, reaching ripeness in just under 8 weeks. This strain is grown best in an organic super soil mix. This variety has nice lateral branching and thrives when topped and allowed multiple heads. Expect classic results from this strain – an evergreen profile with stems as strong as the parent branches. She is a light eater, taking moderate feedings and growing well without supports. The Third Dimension plants express two phenotypes, o…

Strain Of The Day - Morning Glory

Sativa 60 / Indica 40
Origins: Hawaiian sativa x Skunk II
Flowering: 65-70 days Morning Glory is an active and cheerful variety with an interesting range in its flavors and excellent yields. it has been popular among Barney’s Farm selections since its Cannabis Cup win in 2002. Morning Glory combines the exotic island flavors of a Hawaiian sativa mother with the durable quality of the Skunk in the paternal line. Skunk varieties are known as versatile plants that contribute many desirable qualities to more delicate and challenging strains. Sativas are generally known to be lankier and more finicky in the garden, and this can often be a greater concern with varieties adapted to specific locales. Hawaiian varieties, like other island-acclimated strains, may lose their special Polynesian flavors and vibe when moved to more temperate locations. In Morning Glory, the Hawaiian mother has been infused with skunk genetics, adding a hardy efficiency to its growth. Yet the surprisingly subtle earthy …

Strain Of The Day - Mikush

Origins: Mikado x BC Kush
Flowering: 50 days
Harvest: early October Federation Seed’s Mikush is a Godzilla indica. Outdoors – ideally in a spot with lots of light and a dry breeze – Mikush’s huge, dark leaves convert solar energy into explosive growth, sometimes reaching 2 meters tall by 3 meters wide. Camouflage is a must. Indoors, Mikush needs big pots and plenty of room A heavy nutrient feed that would burn other plants only increases her power. She jumps ahead of other varieties in the seedling stage and finishes by dominating the grow room, supported by bamboo poles to prevent collapse. Indoors or out, Mikush likes it bright, dry and breezy. Low humidity (55%) reduces any chance of mold in the superdense buds, and temperatures between 15 and 30 Celsius (60 to 85 F) will produce fat and happy plants, with 23 C (73 F) as optimal. The best outdoor results have come from the windy coasts of Northern California and Southern Washington. This strain loves to root: the bigger the root …

Strain Of The Day ChemDawg 1991

Hybrid Genetics: Sour Diesel x OG Kush
Flowering: 10 weeks
THC: 21% Every generation has their big question. In the 60s, it was “Did man really land on the moon?” In the 80s it was “Who shot J.R.?” In our generation, it’s “Where the hell did ChemDawg actually come from?” One of the most enigmatic strains of recent times, this sativa dominant hybrid bred by Chemdog – and yes, that’s the proper spelling – has more different backstories than David Bowie has characters. Some say it’s a cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush, others say Nepali x Thai, and some say it’s the original Diesel, but the most accepted story is this; the original ChemDawg seeds came from a $500 bag of pot bought at a Grateful Dead concert at Deer Creek Amphitheater in 1991. The breeder popped these four seeds, and after the first turned out male and was disposed of, the second became the now legendary ChemDawg 1991. This strain really has become like gold in the weed world, and whenever anyone claims to have a cut of it…

Strain Of The Day - Arjan's Strawberry Haze

Sativa 70 / Indica 30
Origins: Swiss sativa x NL5 x Haze-Mist
Flowering: 75 days
Harvest: mid October Arjan’s Strawberry Haze is a bright green mid-sized sweet sativa. She descends from Swiss stock on her mother’s side, and popular Northern Lights and Mist varieties on the paternal side. These seeds are feminized, meaning that they will all grow out as bud-producing female plants. The Strawberry Haze’s buds have the aroma of an almost candy-like strawberry, and her smoke is sweet-tasting with an upbeat high. This mountain plant is adapted to humid areas, and overall very versatile, strong, and easy to grow. She ranges from 3 feet in small containers, to 10 feet when her roots are given free reign. She has short internodes and medium-sized round leaves. Her branches tend to choot out vertically, straight toward the light, allowing plants to be placed closer together than is possible with more rangy sativas. Three to four plant per square meter is an ideal arrangement. Strawberry Haze perform…

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