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Strain Of The Day - Chrystal

Indica 60 / Sativa 40
Origins: White Widow x Northern Lights
Flowering: 56-70 days
Harvest: early October Chrystal is a child of celbrity parents, destined for her own renown. The Chrystal mother derives from the legendary White Widow strain. White Widow set the standard for “White” weed strains. Nirvana’s White Widow is a tall plant with delicate arms and moderately compact copiously resinous buds. To breed Chrystal, Nirvana backcrossed White Widow with famed daddy Northern Lights. This Northern Lights leans to the sativa side with a powerful, energetic, and very social buzz. As would be expected, this marriage produced a plant with a lot of good genetics. Chrystal is a fine indoor plant, whether the garden is a soil or a hydro system. Soil-based gardens bring out more complex flavors and aromas, while hydro setups delivers more commercial-style buds that are compact and easy to trim, but diminish this plant in the smell department. This F1 hybrid grows quite aggressively, so growth should …

Jim Jones and 50 Cent Exchange Words

A recent Jim Jones interview on the breakfast club prompted 50 Cent to make the following remarks:

See the Jim Jones interview here

Racial Slur Found on Starbucks Customer's Cup

Yet again Starbucks is in the news for racial discrimination. The company plans to close more than 8,000 stores temporarily for racial bias training for its employees, but it seems that they are apparently moving too slow.
Once again we see that Starbucks employees are clearly racist. This time, a non-English speaking Mexican patron, Pedro, orders a drink from the sham of a place and instead of finding his name on the cup like he should have, he found the word "BEANER."
Starbucks has since sent a apology on social media and claims that the apology was accepted by Pedro. A spokesperson goes on to call the matter a 'mistake' although it was clearly intentional.

So once again.... FUCK STARBUCKS!!!

Strain Of The Day - Blue Buddha

Indica 75 / Sativa 25
Origins: Oregon Blueberry x Buddha’s Sister
Flowering: 65 days
Harvest: late October

Blue Buddha is a bud with an earthy spice and clear functional high. She has a richly resonant smell that requires control and camouflage. As a moderate brancher, the Blue Buddha will cheerfully adapt to the growing path you set her on, whether that means single cola, sea of green, or multi-branching. Likewise, she will grow well indoors or out, taking 7-9 weeks indoors, or finishing in late October outside. Outdoor Blue Buddhas are calm and serene in the face of frost; they keep growing right into the days of ripeness. It is better to cut this plant down once she reaches ripeness rather than allowing her to go too long outdoors; otherwise, her flavor will begin to fade.

Blue Buddha has no gender confusion – she knows no hermaphroditic tendencies under any conditions. her good pest resistance makes Blue Buddha a suitable choice for the novice gardener as well as the pro. While ripenin…

T.I. Wrongfully Arrested, Questions Cop and Gets No Answer

Once again we see the justice system not working for the good of the citizen. If it was me I wouldn't pay another dime to the neighborhood that hires idiots to work at the gate.

Just in case you haven't heard. Tip was arrested early Wednesday morning for simple assault. Although no one was struck during the incident, the guard said he feared that he would be struck and that constitutes for simple assault.

Tip arrived home at a gated community around 4:00am where he then had to WAKE UP the guard who was sleeping on duty. Tip clearly identified himself and was also on the phone with 'Tiny' who was inside the home at the time and confirmed to the guard that Tip should be let in immediately. The guard still refused to grant entry without stating why. Words were exchanged and shortly after, the police were called and Tip was arrested as the cops were not interested in hearing his side of the story at all.
Tip also says that the guard cursed at his wife. If you ask me, I th…

Strain Of The Day - Swazi Safari

Origins: Skunk #1 x Swaziland Sativa
Flowering: 63-84 days
Harvest: late October

Swazi Safari combines a stable Skunk #1 father with a mother from South Africa;s Swaziland, a locale well-known for some of the world’s great pure sativa strains. The Skunk #1 father adds vigor for temperate conditions, increases the yield potential, and most importantly, speeds up the flowering cycle to allow the special qualities of the tropical sativa to finish outside of its equatorial homeland.
A tall, slim plant with scant, light green foliage, Swazi Safari turns to golden tones as the flowers mature. The growth pattern leans toward its mostly sativa heritage, but the buds are exceptionally dense for a sativa. Flowers form clusters at many sites along the branches, yielding an average of 500 grams per square meter when grown in a greenhouse using soil. In a sea of green method, the branching is easy to control, but the yield potential is better when growing methods that encourage multiple budding …

J. Cole Talks About His New Album, Kanye West and Much More


Strain Of The Day - A-Train

60% Sativa / 40% Indica

Genetics: Trainwreck x Mazar I Sharif
Flowering: 55-60 days
Height: 54-60 inches
Yield: 250-350g per square meter
"This hybrid is a result of crossing two very well known strains that hold a special place in the medical cannabis community – Mazar I Sharif and Arcata e-32 Trainwreck. Mixing the genetics from these two strains, A-Train has inherited a pretty even mix of indica and sativa traits from it’s parents. Adding the Afghani indica genetics of Mazar I sharif to Arcata Trainwreck produced a plant that is more dense and not quite as tall as it’s California mother, although it still tends to grow wildly and requires a bit of support.
When growing A-Train, keep in mind that this strain can start flowering when it’s one foot tall, but will shoot up dramatically and finish around 4.5 to 5 feet. It is a moderate yielder, and on average, you can expect to harvest 300-350 grams of round, compact buds per square meter.
Aside from this strain’s tendency to branch out a…

Ron Newt Was Offered 200k To Say Michael Jackson Molested His Kids

Ron Newt on Vlad TV addresses a number of things like being offered 200k to lie and say Michael Jackson molested his kids. He also says that Michael used to beat up Bubbles, his pet monkey!

Jamie Foxx and Karrine Steffans Go In On Each Other On Radio

Karrine sure does have a mouth on her... She even said Shaq had a lil peter...

Karrine "Super Head" Steffans Says 'Big Tiger' Slept With Tyson Beckford

This video comes to you by Hip Hop New Uncensored. I honestly can't believe what I'm hearing... Just check it out...

Did Diddy Put Hands on Drake?

Diddy addresses rumors about beef with J. Cole and Drake.

Young Dolph Gives $20k to Baristas Fired For Playing His Song

The song that got these two baristas fired was 'Get Paid' by Young Dolph. Check it out here.

2 Black Men Arrested at Starbucks settle for $1


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