Christian Woman Intentionally Crashes Car With 4 Kids Inside In Order to Prove God

  People often ask me, "What's the harm in believing! Why don't you atheists just let me believe what I believe?'

  And the answer is, because beliefs that don't corroborate with reality can cause you to do things and/or make decisions that will result in undesired outcomes.

  For example, a Christian woman told her four kids to take off their seat belts and wave their hands in the air before she drove her minivan into a median and intentionally crashed into a tree.

  Calicia Williams has now been charged with four counts of attempted murder. The condition of the four kids is currently not being released by authorities.

  This is what Williams told her kids just before the crash:
   “Detectives spoke with witnesses who advised Williams was traveling at a high rate of speed and told the passengers to take off their seatbelts, stretch out their hands, and stated, ‘The devil can’t hurt you, he only hurts bad people. You have the light of Jesus in you and only Jesus can cure us,’” police said in a press release.

  Ummm, “Jesus take the wheel” is not meant to be taken literally and even if god did exist, god won't protect you from yourself.

  Williams will be attending Marion County Jail in Ocala as soon as she’s out of the hospital.

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