Christian Venue Refuses to Marry Mixed Race Couple

 According to Boone’s Camp Event Hall in Booneville, Mississippi, Christians aren't allowed to have mixed race marriages.

 A woman who works for the venue told LaKambria Welch, on hidden video, that the owners don’t host same-sex weddings… or mixed-race ones... Because they are Christians.

In the video, the woman says:

“First of all, we don’t do gay weddings or mixed race, because of our Christian race—I mean, our Christian belief,” the woman tells Welch in the video.

“Okay, we’re Christians as well,” Welch replies.

After a correspondence on facebook, Welch became suspicious of the church's reasoning.

“The owner took a look at my brother’s fiancĂ©e’s page and wrote her back to say they won’t be able to get married there because of her beliefs,” Welch said. “He told my mom and she contacted the owner through messenger to only get a ‘seen’ with no reply. That’s when I took it upon myself to go get clarification on her beliefs.”

  While refusing to do business with customers on account of race may be illegal regardless of reason, this venue may have thought they could get away with it is because, in 2016, Mississippi passed a “religious freedom” law that permitted businesses to discriminate against customers if serving them posed a faith-based conflict for the owners. The law remains on the books despite a legal challenge. The intention was to permit anti-LGBT bigotry. But I am not surprised that these Christians believe it protects their racism?

 These laws permitting discrimination by Christians are a slippery slope. We know they don’t want to serve gay couples, but when we argue the same rules could allow them to say no to Jews, mixed-race couples, etc., they get defensive. How dare we accuse them of potential bigotry racism when they’re just trying to be devout Christians???

  This isn't the first time a Christian in Mississippi has done something like this within the past few years either. Christians refusing to take part in a mixed-race wedding is far more common than you may think.

-Story and Photos by DeepSouthVoice

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