Pastor Confesses he Sexually Abused Underage Girl While Praying and Reciting Bible Verses

   Ohio Pastor Cesar Guerrero, considered a prophet by his sheepish followers, has admitted to sexually assaulting an underage girl while praying and reciting Bible verses, saying to the child that she needed to be “cleansed.”

   Pastor Guerrero, of 'Mision Cristiana El Calvario Church' in Sharonville, was arrested Wednesday after he was accused of assaulting a 17-year-old girl who came to him to talk about her previous abuse. He ended up admitting that he used his position as a religious leader to further traumatize the girl.

   An affidavit stated Guerrero is believed to be a “Prophet of God” and as the pastor of his church, used that information to influence a juvenile into believing she needed to be cleansed from being molested as a child. Guerrero then arranged to meet the juvenile alone in his office.

   Guerrero used Bible scripture and prayers to “cleanse” the juvenile while he assaulted her, court documents stated.

   Guerrero only admitted what he did after he was arrested. He was interviewed and confessed to the sexual acts.

   Pastor Guerrero was charged with multiple counts of sexual battery.
   That incident allegedly occurred on August 5, but there have reportedly been multiple abuse allegations made against him.

   When he appeared in court, Judge Mallory had to say “That’s enough!” repeatedly to stop the prosecutors from reading the graphic details of the allegations.

   Guerrero is now being held on $300,000 bond and is considered a flight risk.

   Guerrero took advantage this girl using her faith against her, convincing a child that allowing him to touch her would lead to spiritual cleansing.

   This is a prime example of a way religions harm people.

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