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Bridman & Mannie Fresh (Big Tymers) - Designer Casket

Birdman I hope you paid Wayne his money...

J. Cole - Kevin's Heart

Starring Kevin Hart. Directed by J. Cole

ATM - J. Cole

Count it up with J. Cole! What can I say? This artist has a way of catching hot melodies to blend with his lyrics in a way that most rappers don't.

The Never Ending Online Game - Torn

Would you believe that there is a game out there that some people have been playing for 10 years? At first I thought it was a typo too! I've heard of people playing games for a few years but 10 years plus is a long time.
Torn, originally Torn City, is a free massively multiplayer online text-based browser game that has its own market and social forums. The game allows users to form or join gangs called factions, have jobs like grocer or brain surgeon, and commit crimes like kidnapping and burglary.
The path you take in the game is entirely up to you and there is an endless amount of ways to earn money, points and stats in game.
Battling other players is allowed but if battling isn't your thing, you can start a company and hire other players to help build your wealth. Or you can be a trader and travel to other cities to buy items like drugs at low cost and sell them in Torn City for a nice profit. The game never ends and it's always a competition to be the best, the stron…

Childish Gambino - This is America

I thought he was retiring but thank God he isn't! This video is very entertaining. The song itself is pretty dope af too!

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