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Tyga and Jiordyn "Caught"

Don't worry people... I spoke to Tyga and he assured me that he is not dating the young woman in the photo. He went on to say that he had just eaten a Warhead (a sour hard candy popular in the hood), which explains his twisted face. He dangerously underestimated how sour those Warheads can be.

'Your Brain On Drugs' - Admitted Propaganda?

Now correct me if I'm wrong... but isnt this the same young lady from the 'Brain on Drugs' video in 97'? In case you missed it, the original video features this girl, the very same one in the video below, cracking an egg with a frying pan. She does this to illustrate the effects of drugs on the brain.
 Problem is, that video helped fuel a massive war on drugs, which is really a war on people who use use drugs. To add to the facade, marijuana was thrown into the drug category and countless of lives have been ruined behind this war on drugs, most of them people of color.
 Now that people are beginning to Wake Up and realize that weed isn't harmful, it seems like everyone is wagging the finger at the campaign they once lent a helping hand to. It is good to see a change in the narrative and see people acknowledge the massive uneven incarceration rates, but I for one am always looking to find the true motive behind so-called PSA's. What do you think?

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